Here Is What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Pizza

The pizza always had a bad reputation, not ever justified. The pizza serves as a forbidden food for all those who pay attention to their diet. And yet, basically, it is instead a very healthy ingredient that does not always deserve its bad reputation. The pizza contains protein, and fiber and calcium thanks to the cheese that covers it, making it a complete and somewhat balanced dish. Everything will depend on the filling and the addition or not of fat.

Pizza can help fight cancer

The critical ingredient of tomato sauce is called lycopene, according to the Health Sciences Institute. It is present in American and Italian pizzas and is a powerful antioxidant that can help prevent cancer and minimize the chances of heart disease.

However, the institute notes that just as with other foods, the benefits come from eating pizza in moderation (a few shares of pizza a week, not a whole pizza at a time). It also claims that lycopene is better absorbed by the body when it is hot, so in this case, the cold pizza loses its interest.

Pizza contains (mostly) nutritious ingredients

Of course, it depends heavily on what you order. The exaggeration in the filling or excess consumption of pizzas make them less healthy and relegates them to the category of junk food. Ordering a four-cheese sauce, a double deli filling or a super-thick crust is not the right choice.

Opt for a whole thin crust. Whole grains will fill you up, and you will eat less, to reduce your risk of stroke and diabetes (some white coats are full of sugar). Also opt for healthier fillings such as broccoli, ham, parmesan cheese, garlic, and even pineapple, which offer nutritional benefits.

The pizza covers all food groups

Another good thing about pizza is that you do not need five different meals to consume your recommended dietary intake of the day. The primary food groups are fruits, vegetables, dairy products, lean meat, and cereals, and they are all represented in one pizza.

Get pineapples tomatoes, broccoli, peppers or spinach for your vegetable quota; cheese for the dairy component (you can substitute it with light cheese); chicken or ham; and a whole wheat crust for the cereal component. There you go! You have covered all your bases in one meal.

Pizza can stimulate your brain

Some ingredients found in pizzas are proven to be good for the brain. Spinach is a rich source of folate, which encourages blood flow to the brain. A 2015 study notes that a daily intake of spinach can slow down cognitive decline in adults with vitamin K content.

While eating tasty ingredients can make you happy, it could be more than the flavor that makes you smile. The Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science explains that certain foods can affect your levels of serotonin, a mood-related hormone. The higher the serotonin, the better you feel. Pineapple and spinach are considered serotonin stimulants, as well as milk, a key ingredient in pizza cheeses.

You can easily make your pizza yourself

You may not think you can, but pizzas are relatively easy to prepare from a few ingredients, and you can prepare them for your mood. It also means that you can better control the amount of filling and lean more heavily on the side of healthy, lighter ingredients.

It may take a couple of tries, but once you get there, you may not want to order pizza anymore. You will save have fun and learn your food. You can also choose a thinner and lighter crust to reduce calories because not all pizzerias offer this option. And you can use the leftovers of your filling in other meals or healthy snacks.

Antioxidants, carbohydrates, great for all kinds of diet, all explain why pizza is so famous. However, excessive consumption of pizza is harmful to health.

Pizza is quite famous in many diets, especially in the American Stars, which consists of eating several small meals in the day being reasonable and without depriving any food.

What you should not do

We can take out some ingredients immediately when we choose his pizza, such as cold cuts, creams, cheese, etc. It is also necessary to avoid adding spicy oil or parmesan and consume wine with it.